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Letter to the Editor of the Europe’s World-Newsletter

 Sir, 13 March 2010 #13 in the paper by former Estonian PM Mart Laar

(http://www.europesworld.org/NewEnglish/Home_old/Article/tabid/191/ArticleType/articleview/ArticleID/21582/Default.aspx ) one may with surprise to read:

  „Cyprus and Malta fared best in economic growth terms in 2009, followed  by Poland (sic! üe), Bulgaria, Slovakia and …”.

 The trouble is, that almost each Estonian newspapers reader knows well that Poland is the only country in the EU out of crises, at least in growth terms, and fared growth about two percentages in 2009, and at the same time Cyprus and Malta both had decline about the same rate.

 Thus, how come this kind of erroneous statement happened to see light in your publication, and who in the end should give the apologies at least to the Polish peoples?

 Ülo Ennuste, pensioner



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