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To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern 

Nordea Bank Finland Plc Estonia (Branch) has crookedly confiscated on 31st March 2010 from my Nordea account 17001932306, EUR -318.01. That was made in the cover of entry „Manual charge. Correction of the 22.09.2009” (Archive id: FT1009007011).

 As a matter of fact, on 22.09.2009 has been a transaction made indeed, to my best knowledge, by International Libertas Network with cooperation of Libertas Estonia Institute, a donation on this my account a deposit EUR + 318.01, to thank or so for my research-report at the Tallinn Workshop 16.09.2009 of the Network, and interview with Telegraph economics editor Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (see e.g. his paper 20.09.2009, Telegraph.com) etc.

 On 05.04.2010 in Tartu a letter has been stamped to my name from Nordea Bank Finland Plc Estonian Branch Tartu Office signed by manager Rauno Kallas, to claim that 22.09.2009 deposit transaction  +318.01 EUR has been false and bank has right to take it down.

 There is really some kind of sophistication-innovation with that deposit, as according to the Account statement – Details of transaction (Archive id: FT0926508273): Payer’s name is ENNUSTE ÜLO – THAT IS UNTRUE.


 Most importantly, prior to that event of confiscation a dirty terrorising campaign, starting before Christmas till Eastern, on my home/family phone has been orchestrated, to suppress me to make this transaction voluntarily, or “some other instruments will be taken into action against me”. Family was coming anxious about and still is.


 I am forwarding this complaint to publicity because, as it seems, that the Nordea Bank Estonia seems to be „too big” to take this humble personal complaint in the civilized way into notice, even in the case of rendering it   via Estonian authorities.

 Yours, Ülo Ennuste (btw – Nordea maestro client)

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