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Cucumber season’s last communications: (*) versus (**)

Cucumber season’s last communications: (*) versus (**)

(*) Dear Mr Ennuste

I am a journalist with The Sunday Telegraph, based in London. I am interested in writing a story about Estonia joining the euro, and would like to travel to Estonia at some point. I wonder if I can give you a call some time to discuss this?

 Is there much opposition in Estonia to this move? It seems odd that any nation would want to join the euro at the moment, after all the turmoil in the eurozone. We are interested in the reasons.

 I am also trying to find a good time in the next few months to come and write about this – is there a referendum, a protest, a key point of no return, or something like this that would tell our readers why we are in Estonia in that particular week?

 Many thanks, Nick Meo

(**) Dear Mr Meo

Sir,  At the moment  a) we have got in Estonia much bigger troubles than joining the euro:  just look at in The Economist the Table „Output, prices and jobs“ and you can see estimate almost 20% unemployment, hiddenly raising inflation and  low growth, and most impotantly, employment declining, economic inequalty incrising etc, b) in the FT e.g. Jürgen Stark just recently quite credibly  (75% probability) proved that this euro-zone paralyses myth is just an illusion, especially in the case of introduction of European Semester,  c) of course for Estonia the proper time for joining has been 2007, as a very small economy with significant external fluctuations, and dismal public macro-economic knowledge structure etc, but was missed through political neglect, d) a mass protest is almost not possible because of national idiosyncrasies as the Russian speaking  no parasan/fifth column will join momentarily in with disturbances etc.

Sorry, but I am absolutely sick and tired to discuss these bygone overblown out of date presently fixed anyhow matters any more longer, and I am worried – only handful of dubious liberty style activists will be here  interested to discuss these things with you either.

Yours with respect, üe

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