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Dear All

I am pleased to announce that just has been published by Tõnu Puu interesting paper indeed:

Tõnu Puu. 2010. On the economics of increasing complexity: With some special focus on culture. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 75 (2010) 59–68 (journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/jebo)

 a b s t r a c t

This contribution seeks to find a setting in which evolution in terms of changing structure, rather than growth within a given structure, can be modelled. In particular the evolution of increasing complexity is focused. The setting chosen uses Lancasterian property space as an invariant in which the changing, emerging, and disappearing actual implements are property bundles. The aim is to produce a development tree like the Darwinian, and the tool used for modelling the branching bifurcations is catastrophe theory.

 Keywords: Cultural economics, Evolution, Complexity, Catastrophe theory.


by Geoffrey Hodgson and Thorbjoern Knudsen  

Darwin’s Conjecture: The Search for General Principles of Social and Economic Evolution

 has just been published by University of Chicago Press.

PS: and do not forget Edmund Phelps (e.g. http://press.princeton.edu/chapters/i2_7521.pdf )

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