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Parimaid käsitlusi Kreeka võlakriisist

seniks ilmselt üks parimaid teadmuskäsitlusi Kreeka võla kriisist – eriti kvantiatiiv-evolutsioo-ökonoomika aspektist: 
http://www.bruegel.org/publica​tions/publication-detai l/publi​cation/567-debt- restructuring-​in-the-euro-area-a-necessary-b​ut -manageable-evil/
Bruegel – The Brussels-based think tank | Debt restructuring in the euro area: A necessary but manag
There are two possible responses to the Greek debt crisis: ‘Plan A’, continued official lending, for as long as needed, with possible voluntary private sector involvement, and ‘Plan B’, coercive pre-emptive or post-default restructuring with significant face value reduction. Both options have risks, …


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  1. Muideks link ei vii artiklini. Kas artikkel on ära võetud või on link vigane?

    Comment by Evelin Tamm | October 5, 2011 | Reply

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