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NB! oluline teoreetiline teavik


 Oluline spetsiaalne teoreetiline teavik on võrgus institutsionaalsest evolutsioonist: http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayIssue?jid=JOI&tab=currentissue

Journal of Institutional Economics (2011), 7: 3, 299–315

Näide: sissejuhatava artikli abstrakt:

Introduction to the Special Issue on the Evolution of Institutions

M A R K  B L Y T H

G E O F F R E Y  M .  H O D G S O N

O R I O N  L E W I S

S V E N  S T E I N M O


How can evolutionary ideas be applied to the study of social and

political institutions? Charles Darwin identified the mechanisms of variation,

selection and retention. He emphasized that evolutionary change depends on the

uniqueness of every individual and its interactions within a population and with

its environment. While introducing the contributions to this special issue, we

examine some of the ontological positions underlying evolutionary theory,

showing why they are appropriate for studying issues in economics, political

science and sociology. We consider how these ideas might help us understand

both institutional change and the formation of individual preferences.

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