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Dear Mr. Wolf

Dear Mr. Wolf,

A nice article indeed (FT.com 30.IV 13), and with a most nice implicit kick at the end indeed about „intellectual disease“. It seems this incompetence malady is not only the case in the economic politics but also in the simplistic polarisation like „Austerians“ and „Spendanigans” (O. Rehn*) in the mass-media discourses – we know very well that in the heterodox macroeconomics context both have heterogeneous structures  as the well as tiny Baltic Countries.

E.g. in the case  of Estonia austerians failed most fatally by not intellectually-competently understanding that in the end – notwithstanding of generous grants from Brussels – this domestic devaluation will result first of all with very huge emigration to Finland (the language barrier is very low and differences in living standards very high) and not only with the stop foreign investments but nowadays Estonia is net capital exporting economy (first of all due to the anomalous 0-profit tax) – pushing the country towards the abyss of falling economic potential and unsustainably.

*) file:///C:/Users/user/Documents/13-IV/Olli%20Rehn’s%20blog%20%C2%BB%20Blog%20


 PS: Ennuste, Ü. 2012.  “Waiting for the Commission Strengthened Governance Coordination Leviathans: Discourse Memo for the Actors in the Macro-Game “European Semester”- Baltic Journal of European Studies“ Vol 2, No 1, 2012 p 139-164: http://www.ies.ee/iesp/No11/articles/08_Ulo_Ennuste.pdf

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