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Microsoft Translation 17.II 14 (needs corrections)

Microsoft Translation 17.II 14 (needs corrections) of:


The Guardian is flushing dozens of hundreds of meaningless numerals of WB macro-social-economics data on the former Soviet Bloc National States  during the last two decades, on the change of the living condition for comparisons:


Indeed, such as blessed boulevard newspaper readers who does not understand nothing of the reliability of the numbers in the approximate estimation  in  the long arrays of numerals  shall be explined, for example:

(a) the numbers of inhabitants with an accuracy of one person – a heavenly love – for example, our experts will argue that the number of residents will be assessed reliably, we have now (+/-) to 0, 5%, at least within the limits of the: thus, the three last digits of the numbers of our population figures are meaningless statistically and blissful for thoughtless in the scientific sense of the newspaper readers is probably more than three significant figures show decimal places, such as the figures and percentages for the reader, is pointless (I’m going to leave this fatuous wisely “precision”, figures)

(b)) that, for example, in 1989, was in Russia, GDP’S of the pc in terms of current US dollars, significantly higher than in Estonia – again, the utmost of very little reliable statement (not to say misleading) what really should not be a deterrent for further editorial caveats even cannot be afforded – that, for example, to not get accused of some of the small countries slandering of etc.

(c)  to supplement the previous note that the GDP indicator was not used, the SU and apparently it came in hindsight by the WB to derive an estimated total social production of the so-called “social production”  – with the latter was essentially a largely devoid of content because the prices were, in General, only the SU: financial accounting purposes but not the value of the metrics, and, in addition, already broke out in 1989, hyperinflation and barter-trade  – plus it to the total production of the national economies of social statistics was put into place by the KGB in Moscow, in order to hide from the garbled military SU tatus in the military, and the layout for foreign secrete services, etc.

(d)  it seems that any reliable statistical indices for GDP showed The Economist estimates that only about transitional countries  in 1994 and possibly reliable estimates of the Estonian GDP per pc 1989 PhD Kalev Kukk, by 2005 ( http://digar.nlib.ee/digar/show/?id=8192 ) with the Kukk at least during this time found no reliable comparable data on Russia, the corresponding paper mode

(e)  to be the most reliable in the text published in the Guardian’s recent data is on mortality in infants, the WB which in aggregate form to the United Nations, and was originally probably originate from a one-to two significant numerals – so the only ones widely trusted for this in the text. Must be added that, for example, in 1989, they were quite civilized, even on the readings of the SU and national countris are comparable to – at least compared to a half-century ago, when, for example, by the Communist occupation – in Estonia, the families were sent by all echelons is practically total tens of thousands of members of the Siberia directly to die – and where the first of the road already left thousands of the most pain in the most feeble passed (see the http://digar.nlib.ee/digar/show.action?id=134869&q=eestlaste ).

Moral:  it may be a proliferation of pointless numbers mathematically but these comparisons may be useful political manipulative comparisons,  for example-may be granted to the reader, then for them in the text is unnoticed, for example, as regards Russia, the readings of the GDP in 1989 for the pc manipulated probably in the better position – that, somehow, a lower GDP reading in the pc  countries are happier – very important national socially that nowadays the economic inequality of the readings (in very wide terms) is The Guardian of the left in the text of this miss something, etc, etc.


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