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NB!: Edward Lucas 3.IX 14*

Written testimony to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.docx – Google Docs

Edward Lucas 3.IX 14*: “A final footnote: whereas Russia once regarded the collapse of the Soviet Union as a liberation from communism, the regime there now pushes the line, with increasing success, that it was a humiliating geopolitical defeat. That is not only factually false; it is also a tragedy for the Russian people. They overthrew the Soviet Union, under which they had suffered more than anyone else. But they have had the fruits of victory snatched away by the kleptocratic ex-KGB regime. The bread and circuses it offers are little consolation for the prize that Russians have lost: a country governed by law, freed from the shadows of empire and totalitarianism, and at peace with itself and its neighbours.” 

And another brilliant passage by Lucas:

“Russia is far too weak to mount a conventional military attack on the West. But it does not need to. It has more potent weapons, of the kind already seen in Ukraine – the confusing and fast-changing combination of regular and irregular forces, economic sanctions, energy blockades, political destabilisation, information warfare, financial panics, and cyber-attacks. Traditional armed forces are not equipped to deal with this. Britain’s own psychological-warfare capabilities (both in offence and defence) have been severely downgraded in recent years; neither we nor our allies have effective means of countering Russian propaganda. We need new, sophisticated and resilient means of defending ourselves against the Russian chimera, which blends military, criminal, intelligence, business, diplomatic, media, cyber and political elements.”

NB: “information warfare … which blends (by Putin regime, üe) military, criminal, intelligence, business, diplomatic, media, cyber and political elements.” – is also additionally to direct sanctions from Kremlin indirectly crippling the national economies in the states under attack via e,g.: discrediting countries FDI climate ratings, causing financial abnormalities as excessive outflows – and labor plights to abroad: as we are painfully experiencing just presently in Estonia probably especially severely due theoretically pitiable socio-economic system/mechanism**.


*) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nLdiU4jRMYlVgtrX6JXs4L8vxwlN2NpVh8ndUgbYH94/edit

**) Ennuste, Ü. 2012.  “Waiting for the Commission Strengthened Governance Coordination Leviathans: Discourse Memo for the Actors in the Macro-Game “European Semester”- Baltic Journal of European Studies“ Vol 2, No 1, 2012 p 139-164: http://www.ies.ee/iesp/No11/articles/08_Ulo_


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