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Dear Colleagues


We are pleased to announce the results from two prize competitions. All essays mention here can be downloaded, free of charge.

2015 Mark Blaug Student Essay Prize Winners

The annual Mark Blaug Essay Prize is for undergraduates or recent graduates, for critical essays on modern economics. Click HERE for details.

The 2015 entries were judged by Lord Robert Skidelsky. The following two prizes are awarded for the two (downloadable) essays:

First Prize (£500), Milan Quentel (Witten-Herdecke University, Germany) “The history of economic thought and its role for rethinking economics

Second Prize (£300), Florian Rommel (Cusanus Hochschule, Germany) “Performing pluralism in economics: A discourse in need of the performative turn?

2016 Elinor Ostrom Prize Shortlist

The 2016 Elinor Ostrom Prize will be awarded for the best full-length article published in the Journal of Institutional Economics in 2015. The jury consists of Bruno Amable, Christopher Coyne, Thrainn Eggertsson, William Milberg, and Malcolm Rutherford. The winner will be announced at the annual conference of the World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research, in Boston, MA, USA from 2-5 September 2016.

The five shortlisted entries for the 2016 prize:

  • Roger Koppl, Stuart Kauffman, Teppo Felin, and Giuseppe Longo, “Economics for a creative world” JOIE 11(1), March 2015
  • Ugo Pagano and Massimiliano Vatiero, “Costly institutions as substitutes: Novelty and limits of the Coasian approach” JOIE 11(2), June 2015
  • Frank Hindriks and Francesco Guala, “Institutions, rules, and equilibria: A unified theory” JOIE 11(3), September 2015
  • Giovanni Dosi and Luigi Marengo, “The dynamics of organizational structures and performances under diverging distributions of knowledge and different power structures” JOIE 11(3), September 2015
  • Cass R. Sunstein and Reid Hastie, “Garbage in, garbage out? Some micro sources of macro errors” JOIE 11(3), September 2015

These five articles can be downloaded free HERE


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